Sunday, March 29, 2015

on taking care

A rainy Sunday with no "to do list" reminds me just how busy 
life has been.  I have made it through almost 7 months at my 
new job...taking only a handful of scattered sick/vacation hours in all those
months.  Dave & I continue to run our antique business...working 
two Saturdays each month at the mall we sell at.  Ian has 
moved from Milwaukee to Neenah in the past three months, and I 
have made the 6 hour round trip drive each month to help him set 
up his new place.  Add to that a farm that requires daily chores.

It is no wonder I am feeling a tad worn out.  I appreciate days like 
today when a kitty in my lap or a good movie or this rainy day makes
me slow down & take it easier.  

Do you ever feel like you are on this tread mill, working to meet 
expectation after expectation ~~ often expectations that we personally
have created for ourselves?

I am going to try to be better about time into my 
calendar for catching my breath, more time for things I enjoy.  Step one
was to cancel a work day at the antique mall in April for a day 
at a favorite first flea market.  Step two...adding this mantra,
"Be kind to myself"!  I will try to follow these words, how about you?
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