Sunday, March 8, 2015

green is my color

If you know me well, you know that green is my color...
cannot be denied.  When we first moved to our farm in 2006,
I thought about a different color palette, one with less green in it.
But it did not take long for my beloved green to tap me on the 
shoulder and remind me that our relationship was strong.  And
so I bowed to her beauty, her calm, her reminder that if there is
so much green to be found outside, then surely it is the true 
course to letting nature in.

I found this depression green jar for a song at a thrift sale.

Green McCoy....why yes, of course!

A little green corner of my living room.  Dave & I stood for
a time to win this green dresser at an auction in Eau Claire.
The green ice cream maker was a recent $8 score at a 
thrift sale last fall...I was shocked it was still there when I arrived!

My green couch, walls...even little wooden bench.  My
living room is like sitting in a creme de menthe...with just
enough brown and white to keep it grounded.

What color do you keep coming home to?


NanaDiana said...

Green has been my color for years and years and years. Because we are changing things up here and readying for a bit life change I have gone to soft blues---but, once I am resettled I will be back to my lovely greens. xo Diana

NEEL said...

I think you like old things thats good

June said...

All your beautiful rustic finds are making me hyperventilate :) I love your home so much. I too adore green----to me, it evokes life.
Have a great week Kari!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

The colors I come home to are greens and mustard but my accent colors are black and reds.
Love all your color of green displays and pieces Kari!

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

I am a fan of greige, and have been long before it became a trend. My interior is all subdued tones of grey and brown and white, but outdoors is another story - there is plenty of cobalt blue outside.

You have always rocked the green, Kari.

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