Sunday, June 23, 2013

my potting shed

On our property is a former chicken reborn as my potting shed. I use this to store all my gardening tools, my potting table and a whicker couch & chair for one more sweet siting area. When we first began to "civilize" the yard...I would move plants we found under nettle & brush to create the gardens around this outbuilding. Day lilies, peonies, iris all found their way home. I also moved grape vines....and harvest the vines each year. Farmhouse style garden decor has also found a way to these gardens: rakes hung in a row, a hand pump, troughs for planting, even a chicken nesting box hung high. Across from the potting shed is our pasture, look at the third picture and you will see Ralphie the goat trying to figure out what I am up to.

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