Sunday, June 9, 2013


Sunday early morning is my thinking time. Often reflection, often planning, often figuring &
re-figuring. It is a bit of time I carve out each week just for me. It is time I look forward to.

This morning the word "layers" came to mind. Like those cakes we find remarkable on Pinterest....where someone has tinted each layer just a tad darker, with whipped cream in between. Layers. Like how I truly embellish my home, adding one item then another, then one more, building alters. Layers. The "remember when" moments, the lessons learned, the over & over march of seasons. Layers.

I just marked a birthday that surprised me by the number of years. As certain that these layers of years were not perfect, each one is mine. And this morning reminds me that I can choose to tint the upcoming minutes, hours, days, years as I want.

Layers.....this Sunday morning they both perplex me & challenge me.

I found this Steiff rabbit with most of her mohair fur worn off.
I cherish her for that very reason.

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