Monday, June 10, 2013


And we have kittens -- seven to be exact.

Our new little ones were born the end of May -- all tucked up in the grainary in the hayloft.  I made my first check of them Sunday, their little eyes are now open, they are all gray or yellow - sweet little puffs of adorable-ness.  However, I was surprised to find SEVEN, largest litter for our Hope yet!  I just kept kissing little noses and counting little tails!

This now doubles the population of our Barn Cats -- too many to keep. 

So -- for the first time ever, I am offering Meadowview Farm kittens for adoption. 
  • They will be ready for new homes in July or August.
  • They will likely need their new home to attend to any vet needs (depending upon the time frame of adoption, we may end up providing the 6 week distemper vaccine). 
  • We will not know the gender -- this is always a bit of a mystery until they get a wee bit older.

If you are interested in adopting a kitten or two or three --contact me at:
                                                                                                Email for a Kitten

These are not the kittens, but look so like our little family....

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Little update....all kittens are doing well.  For the interim, we will call all the yellow babies by the name, Ojibwa.  We shall call all the gray babies by the name, Sawyer.  Too difficult to tell them apart.
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