Sunday, June 30, 2013


I have had a few folks ask after my little August this post is for you dear kind hearts. Sorry for all the recent cat posts, just is a whole big part of farm life.

6 has been 6 weeks on Saturday that this sweet little barn kitten has lived in a cat carrier or a larger kennel on our porch to recover from a broken pelvis. Today, besides the fur that still grows back on the leg that 6 weeks ago was opened to bone, a slight bump on her hip and the fact that she cannot quite raise one leg to itch her ear (so she itches in midair) would never know the dire condition she was in when we found her.

We have begun to acclimate her to our two inside cats - McCoy & Shawnee. This will be our next adventure as they have not shared their home for almost 15 years. I hope that in another 6 weeks I might find her cuddled up with them on a chair. She still lives on the porch, but now has time out of the kennel to sleep in a porch chair, healed.

For those requesting pictures of the new litter of kittens.....soon!
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