Sunday, March 18, 2012

getting ready

With our May Barn Sale no longer just down the road, but around the corner...we continue our preparation. This weekend on the list was to move heavy furniture in the hayloft to their "look at me" places, clean & sort the porch & potting shed (taking lots of goodies up to the hayloft for the sale), and wake up a few gardens. We started with the porch, unloading it all to the the yard (oh my how did we ever have so much on one porch?), then cleaning & rearranging. We also carried down a harvest table from the barn to await a new spot on the porch. As I'm scrubbing the porch floor, a van pulls up in our driveway getting just to where ALL the furniture is waiting for the Great Sort....the man gets out with a, "see you have some antiques for sale" looking at all the furniture & such across the yard. Made me smile..."not just yet" ~~~~~ Our Spring Barn Sale arrives on May 12 & 13! And we are indeed getting ready!

Porch inspiration:


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Anxious to show you pictures of the finished porch...really minimized what we have on it....wanted a place to eat or work & a sitting (even napping) area. Just have to change out the curtains to vintage lace & add some pansies. Will post pics sitting there now with the windows wide open and the ceiling fans humming. Finished my chore list...cleaned out the potting shed, adding wicker from the porch & cleaned out the herb garden. Will spend an hour or so with magazine in hand now. Such is the life!

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Your chore list is imMENSE. I am anxious to see your photos. I need as much inspiration as possible.

So glad that Hope is home!

MEM said...

Would love to make it to one of your sales. We take buying trips to Wisc once a yr and just returned. BUT, reading your blog makes me think another may be in order! We once had someone stop when cleaning our garage, and look thru things---not intended for sale!

Bono said...

Hope to see something really great. I am gonna bookmark your site in case need for future.

Linda@ white furniture

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