Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh my

So...I am quite certain that I have a mix of A.D.D. & O.C.D....
combined with a gathering gene.
And when you package it all into one Kari,
you get a compulsive gatherer that gets bored easy.

And so it is.
Every little holiday, every season is a march down to the
basement and storage containers hauled up and unloaded.

Every year I vow it will be the last.
I make these goals to limit my finds for each holiday,
to make it manageable....
but then I open the containers and
swoon over the sweet holiday adorables
that have waited patiently for their turn.

How ever could I not change out the decor to
nod to each celebration?
How ever could I limit myself to sameness?

Can't do it, not in my genes.

And so it is...
Oh, and isn't that the cutest little gold bunny and the sweetest jar?


Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

You left out the key component to that description. AMBITIOUS compulsive gatherer that is CREATIVE and bores easily. And you gather for all of us also. I'd call that a winning combination.

Sisters Treasures said...

Kari, I can so relate. I am all of the above ADD being a biggy and ......wait, what was I going to say??? ha! I'm a sucker for holiday decorations and have some for all seasons also. Downsizing is always contemplated and never carried out! Betsy

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