Monday, March 12, 2012

first robin

And just as if they never left, I looked out to see a very nonchalant robin
poking around in the grass in the front yard on Sunday.
Hopping about as if there was no journey, no leaving --
as if our farmyard was the happening place all the time.

Just like that, the words, "it won't last" spill from my mouth
as I think of any more snow we may get.

I hurry to round up any last remnants of winter decoration,
making a note to self to get those lit deer put away and
gather up all the evergreen boughs.

The weather forecast for 65 degree days makes me feel so
ready for mud on my boots and dirt under my nails. 
Even mucking out the goat stall sounds like fun.

This is what we wait impatiently for
-- these first days of
extra sun light, warmth....spring.

And, just like is here.


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

My mom used to note the first robin on her calendar....this one is for you, mom....

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Your farmyard IS the happenin' place all the time. It probably is the same robin(s) from last year, they just remembered where specifically to return to.

I turned the furnace off this weekend.... (fingers crossed that I won't have to turn it back on. It's March - that may be a little optimistic.)

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