Thursday, November 17, 2011

call me tired...

as darkness comes way too early now
as cold mornings hint of days to come
as layers are added
that feeling of nesting & hibernation sets in.
I almost look forward to that
first snowed in day (call me silly)
when we are trapped from the world & must stay still.
But right now it is, "hurry little squirrel,
gather your stash for winter".

This week (actually year) in my work life has been crazy -- crazy expectations, crazy hours, crazy motives, crazy...  And, I haven't felt well to boot --  the body has a way of often saying, "too much, slow it down".  So--in the middle of meeting after meeting after meeting on Wednesday, I managed to run (yes, literally over lunch -- needed a horn on my cart) to the grocery store and get all my Thanksgiving needs. I know I am lucky for having the means to get what we want for that day (so do call me humble), and I now make sure that the first item I purchase is a donation to the Humane Society or Food Pantry (call me appreciative) -- but I really must share ------- that as tired as I felt by the end of the day with "one more this, or one more that", there was something pretty special knowing that Thanksgiving dinner was in the trunk of my car... a certain symbol that I would soon close my door to the world as it is. That my family would gather around our table, eat more than we should, play one more game of scrabble, take treats out to the barn and keep the crazy world at bay. 

Call me tired right now --
I am needing the sanctuary of my own normal (my Kari world) to
anchor me, provide a safe harbor and nourish my soul...
so I can go back out and fight those dragons again.
but not now,
now I just want squirrels & kittens & goats & family
and time to relish it all.


Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

You deserve a good soul nourishing. Good job on the early fulfilling of the "to get" list. I suspect my Thanksgiving shopping will be done NEXT Wednesday.

Barb said...

Kari, I am currently reading a book called World Enough and Time, by Christian McEwen. It is a lovely, lovely book that addresses our crazy-busy life styles. It is not a fast shouldn't be...and really gives you time to ponder each page. I LOVE IT!!! Of course, I've still been busy BUT I am deciding what to let go and what to get done. Some days it doesn't seem to work but other days, when I do find some contemplative time, I can get back on track. It will take some time and some healing from what has gone on here in our little neighborhood world but I'm letting this book show me the way.

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