Sunday, November 20, 2011

call me content...

I am just old enough & wise enough to know
that you have to take contentment when you can.
There are enough storms on the horizon that will some day arrive...
but when there is that sweet moment of "all is good",
you grab it, embrace it, hold it close to your heart.

And so it was -- we went to harvest evergreen boughs from our
property up north---and in that quiet place, contentment waited.
And, when we returned home just after dark--
the lights of our farm whispered, "here too". 

For this moment, call me content.
Dave on our land in Winter, Wisconsin.

Where do you find contentment?

guess what greeted us this morning?
kitty prints in the snow...


Artful Gathering said...

Ahhhhhh....contentment glad you have found it...
Hugs, dawn

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

I find contentment in my sculpting and painting. In the moments when I am outside. In thoes moments I forget myself. :-}


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