Sunday, November 6, 2011

call me obsessive...

Oh, how I wish this was how I got
ready for winter...
My indoor cats, Shawnee & McCoy,
on their pillow pile in front of
the first heat of the year.

But alas, no....
this is how I get ready for winter:
And -- as you might notice,
plenty of unchecked items.

Now I'm thinking about Zac Brown's song
"Colder Weather" -- and hoping we
can get this all done soon.

So, what are you -- "orderly" or "let it come" when it
comes to winter's arrival?  Or maybe
pretend "it ain't so"....

Call me obsessive,
call me a tad too organized...
but hopefully,
call me ready.

Oh my...
best get checking things off today.


Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

I have a list, but it's not a fancy typed-up affair like yours. Maybe if I typed one up for myself I could actually accomplish things like "wash the mower" before I put it away (my mower would faint!). If you own a house in Wisconsin, having a "let it come" attitude about winter is dangerous. It is best to summon up every bit of available nesting instinct and batten down the hatches. And having a farm! intensifies your list, so it is a blessing that you are so orderly.

It was dark by 5pm last night for the first time, which is my rude reminder to get into gear and finish the projects!

Jani said...

If I had a formal LIST I'd hyperventilate every time I looked at it, and all it's unchecked boxes. We start at one side of the yard/house/gardens and continue on until until we meet where we started. Exhausting but fulfilling!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Cheryl...honestly, don't know if we ever have washed the mowers -- but sure looks good on paper!

Jan...makes me hyperventilate a bit too -- Dave is attempting to get items checked off the list today!


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