Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Study - home tour continues...

This is the one room where Dave has really made his mark...
with his vintage fishing collection on full display-
and, gasp, even a fish mount or two or three.

This is our study on our second floor
...outfitted with a cozy chair,
a desk, and a wall of shelves.

The desk is a fabulous chippy door topping a table
with a piece of glass over it. 
The drawer unit on top was purchased at auction
and houses everything from tape to note cards.
Above the desk are baskets on a trellis --
This is where bills await (and wait)...

Also above the desk are two bulletin boards made
by covering foam-core with fabric & attaching to a frame.

Storage is found in containers



little drawers

toy wagons

metal tins

and even a dresser or two.

The wool rug was found at auction and stored for many years
until it found the perfect use in this room.
It totally set the dark & cozy color scheme.

Shutters are installed as shelves along the ceiling.

Other details:

The monkey lamp...well, from Tracy Porter's auction...
featured in her books.  Love it.
Not old -- but fabulous!
Find out about Tracy by clicking HERE

Cozy, studious, organized...
that is our study!
It is what we aspire to!


Artful Gathering said...

I love your study....

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Very well put together. Love the rug in there.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Thanks Dawn & Cheryl...you are always so kind.
It is funny how it never looks quite right in pictures -- I now know why magazines establish certain color backdrops, certain lighting, certain staging. Life is not quite so photographic.

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