Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bye Borders...

Eau Claire has but one large-ish book store
and that is/was Borders.
So, it is very sad to see it go.

Now granted,
books have always been beyond my budget
unless found at thrift sales,
Half Price Books in Madison,
or the library...
but I do so love to look.

So it is sad to bid it farewell.

Today, I went to say "goodbye"
and look at the going away treat I received...

& Somerset Studio
Book-azines at
40% Off.

There were still lots to pick from today...
Go and say "Bye" too!
Thank, Borders -- will miss you!


Artful Gathering said...

Kari, that is so sad.. I was there yesterday and bought the same magazines you did! Funny!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh Dawn -- sad, but with such fab. parting gifts. Did you purchase some of the wonderful craft/knitting/art mags? I wished I was more artistic.

Diane said...

Books have always been my one splurge item. Be it a new or used book store. It also saddens me to see a store close. Our mall in Wausau is losing it's Borders store, we are fortunate to have a Barnes & Noble also in the area. I love to wander the rows and window shop the books.Holding an E-reader does not give you the same feeling as opening up a brand new book or the contentment I feel when I see them all lined up in the bookcase. Calling to me, pick me, read me (again). Long live the book store!!

pat said...

This has been a very sad time here in Ann Arbor... where Borders originated. It has left big holes in everyones hearts, and we will miss them.

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