Wednesday, July 20, 2011


that's the word...
that was the weather...

My first glimpse was from the window...
what was this?
At 8:30 p.m. a sky so ominous.
Expected a space ship or a large hand to reach
right down.
Perhaps the reckoning had arrived.

Impending -- storms coming.

They roll across the countryside -
announcing their arrival
for miles.

Lightning, then wind, then buckets of rain.

And a lost kitten, Winter...out in the storm.
2 months old, lost in the storm.


Yes, that is the word.

I don't much care for storms. 
They take, always take -- never give...
Impending doom -- announcing it had arrived, to take again.

Addendum July 21...
My little kitten Winter has returned, scared - but back.
doom & gloom be gone...


Jani said...

Stop looking out the window, go up in your cozy study and wait it out. Mother Nature is in charge, and you can't beat her!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

I know Jani...I know. But every now & again I make some deals, and even stand with my heals dug in. I know I just can't win...but strong women like to knock heads every now & again.

So -- early this morning I made just such a deal -- figured my little kitten Winter had been gone for two days -- would probably hide for a bit or wander. Last night I walked the property edge --calling "Winter, Baby" -- (hear my voice follow it). Momma Hope came to help me, pleading too. In my early morning deal I said, "O.K. you can be scared for a bit -- then you fight back -- come on Winter, do it". And guess who was waiting in the barn this morning. Deal or not -- Winter is back. Cool weather has returned.


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