Friday, July 15, 2011

hollyhocks, day lilies, snowballs and farm gardens

I am not a gardener...
however, I do like the play of foliage & perrenials & annuals -
and know just enough.

In our last home in Sun Prairie - we were fortunate to
earn "Garden of the Month" distinction
and be featured in the city's annual
Garden Walk.

But still -- I make no aspirations at Master Gardener.
When someone asks about a plant -- my answer will likely be,
"I like how it looks".

So - with a vintage farm
- my quest was to keep the gardens
pure & simple & true to the farm's age.

That meant hollyhocks, day lilies, hydrangeas (snowballs) 
& any other planting that
could stand hardy farm living.
And, with a barn red & Old Chicago brick backdrop-
colors must be subdued, thoughtful, quiet.
The pinks above were picked by the hollyhocks, not me...
but I do like their play against the brick.

Plants were rescued from the old gardens, found as
we "civilized" the farm yard edges. 
Rusty "art" was added,
just enough wild was left unaltered,
with a restful, peaceful farmyard as the goal.

What is your favorite garden secret?

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Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

It will be hot -- next several days -- hot. My spring pansies are still hanging out in many of my flower pots - not sure how they have survived such heat this summer. When the heatwave subsides, I will add some new annuals to the pots to freshen them up (saving the pansies the best I can).

I so hate when the greenhouses close for the summer and gardens begin to look overgrown -- feels like an ending.

I will do my best to try to create one more beginning yet this summer in my garden pots...that is my secret.

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