Sunday, August 11, 2013


Today I spent time in the barn playing with the new kittens. Acorn tends to them as only a big brother can. Wrestling, protective....he finally has brothers (5 of the 7 babies are boys). Two of the boys will venture on to a new home this month. But for now they play in their barn. I pick them up and smell their sweet straw laced fur, planting kisses on little noses.

I take fresh hay out to the goats, leaving little piles so each can feed or share as they desire. They work hard each day for their summer food, grazing their the food is easy. They each watch me, showing their deep trust. Just days ago, Ralphie got over the fence and came up to the deck where he heard Dave's voice. He willingly followed him back and through the gate to his field.

I spend a bit of time in the hayloft, pricing finds from a Saturday trip north. Grateful that much of the major preparation for the October Barn Sale is done. My ambition in the spring is now appreciated. The stairs to the hayloft provide a resting place, sitting comes easy. I sit & many autumn ideas are gathered in my head.

I walk the yard, the sunflowers beckon....self seeded from last year. Pumpkins are on the vine, the Hydrangeas are ready to burst into bloom, apples show a peak of red in the trees. The sun makes me squint. The red Chicago brick of this 150 year old farmhouse provides the perfect backdrop for summer blooms.

I feel quite blessed today. I thank family & friends for such thoughtful & kind & caring words. I thank so many of you blogger friends for sweet emails & notes. I tend to be a very private person, and am ever so grateful that my sharing has touched your heart just a bit.

Today I rest and regain my strength. The pathology report from last week's surgery was not what we had hoped I will travel back into surgery again this week. But I am ready - or as ready as one can be.

Gratitude lays like a warm blanket across me.


Barb said...

Deep sigh as I read your post. Beauty like that is what life is really about and taking time to fully immerse one's self into that beauty is deep wisdom resonating through your body and soul.

Rest well and know you have the prayers and love of so many coming your way.

prims by olde lady morgan said...

oh sigh my friend, I have been thinking of you this week, I am sorry there is more surgery ahead, sending you many many hugs until I can in person :) OLM

Sisters Treasures said...

Kari, I so enjoy reading your blog. You take us with you to your loft and it's almost as if we can pet your kittens as you describe the simple, beautiful pleasures of living on a farm.
Thank you for sharing.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Happened upon your blog. Sending (((hugs)))

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