Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 Barn Sale count down underway

And so it begins!

The next weeks will be full!  My "to do" list is much longer then my "to done" list -- so, feeling a bit like a squirrel readying for winter. 

This is how the weeks ahead will look:
  • gather, gather, gather -- vintage finds come rolling in!
  • complete & hang posters -- all over the Chippewa Valley!
  • update mailing list and send out postcards -- I still like the old fashioned way of card in hand!
    • If I miss you with a postcard - my apologies, means you are not on my mailing list - yet...email me if you want to be with name & address:  Email
  • untarp the hayloft and begin to unload bins!
  • gather, gather, and gather some more!
  • open prized seasonal & holiday bins in house -- my stuff -- begin to let go of some of my goodies for the sale!
  • update this very blog with the SUPER SECRET password to 10% savings the morning of the sale!
  • gather, gather, gather!
  • cut corn stalks, harvest pumpkins, "fall up" the hayloft and farmyard!
  • breathe.....!
Hoping you will be able to join in on all the fun!

When:  Saturday  October 12, 2013         9:00-5:00
              Sunday    October 13, 2013       12:00-5:00

                                     ****Sorry, absolutely NO early sales****

Where:  Augusta, Wisconsin
               S13181 County Road R

What:    Hayloft brimming with Antiques & Vintage Finds
               AND an Autumn Produce wagon from Amish neighbors

Specials:  20% Off from 2-5 on Saturday
                 30% Off all day Sunday

Join us at Meadowview Farm.  Meet Ralphie the goat & Acorn our ferocious Tom Cat!  Enjoy an apple from our little orchard while you walk the grounds - seeing how vintage finds can enhance gardens!  Climb the stairs to the hayloft of our 100 year old Danish Barn & fill up a basket!

P.S. -- I am feeling like this may be my last sale, I am not going anywhere, just realigning my life a bit.  I will head into (hopefully) my last surgery the week after the sale. 

                I will treat this sale as a true Celebration! 

Thanks for letting me dream with my eyes open!  Cross it off my bucket list once more!


Barb said...


I will note those days on my calendar and maybe I'll make a trip "up north" for this. I'll tell my friend, Diane....she always brings her van 'cause my car is to small to hold her treasures!

Melissa said...

I so wish I live closer :-) It sounds like it's going to be so much fun!! And I'm sure I could find a few "treasures" (as my honey so lovingly calls them) to bring home with me :-) Lots of hugs to you, you are in my thoughts daily.. Have a wonderful weekend, Melissa

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say thank you for the inspiration and heart that goes into your posts and photos. I live just down the road in Eau Claire and plan to attend the Barn Sale - I am so excited and perhaps I will get a chance to meet you in person.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Hope your sale is wonderful, Kari! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words...I'm with you on that re-aligning life thing. And you are right...it IS freeing!

Diane said...

Kari - here is how it will be for me in the next few weeks.... wait for the barn sale, wait for the barn sale, wait for the barn sale, wait for the barn sale.... SHOP THE BARN SALE !!
Looking forward to seeing you, wishing you good health, take care.
Diane F.

Unknown said...

Hi Kari,

I can't wait to come back for yet another visit to Meadowview...I miss this place so very much and have such fond memories growing up here at my grandparent's farm! I thank you again for everything you have done to preserve the farm and my family's history!

I look forward to seeing you this weekend and chatting, and I have a little something about the farm I made a few years back that I would love to show you!


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