Friday, August 2, 2013


I've thought to write this down, but something stops me. It is too private I think. Who will really care? This is just not the typical fluff one finds in the Blogosphere. C is for care.

So I pause, run the should I's in my mind. Still not sure, still feeling lost. C is for change.

C is also for cancer. There, I wrote the letters that form that word. That wicked word. That word that changes everything. And so it does.

I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. They found it early, my path is pretty straight through it to a healthy end. Surgery in early August....then daily radiation treatment through October. I am lucky to live close to the Mayo Cancer Center. I am lucky to have pretty good health insurance & a supportive employer. C is for courage.

C is for change. I plan to move forward, the Autumn Barn Sale will happen this year, but may be the last. I just don't know much beyond today. C is for change. C is for change. I wrap my mind around it and feel O.K. with it all. I will pause for this moment, then move on, feeling thankful that I can. C is for calm.

I have walked this path before with my parents....most of us will or have.  
I think what we ultimately learn is that cancer does not define us and it is not a battle we win or lose.  It just is.  And the only way through it, is through it.

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