Tuesday, June 26, 2012

my style

Of one thing I am certain, my personal decorating style is a bit tricky to pin down. I love shades of white....but I also adore color. I believe "less is more", but I'm also quite certain "more is more". I have a growing penchant for primitives, but most certainly have a thing for charm & whimsy. I think removing layers might be a good thing, then recant that idea as I think adding layers makes a house a home. I admire pristine, but live in a world of cat fur & farm dirt. I would like to be practical, but dang....need my nothing but adorable around me. I understand the duty of white walls so your things "pop"-but haven't the heart to not share a "round of wonderful" with the walls of my home. I try my hardest to diverge from green......then run home to it with open arms. And to throw a cherry on top, I get bored very easily....so it is not in my wiring to ever ever ever say, "and this is now finished". I am a home decorating mess! My style is simply no style. True.

But, maybe the little glimmer of hope is that what I admire the mostest of the most is independent, critical thinking.......and making your own path, one that is yours & yours alone. So, that path less traveled is where these bare feet will always take me. And if it is "the thing to do" -- then it won't be on my "to do list", just won't. And that applies to my home & my style. Years ago, I came across these words in a children's book: "my home is me and I am it, it is everything I want to be, and it looks like all my dreams". I like that style quite a lot.

This patchwork is from my grandmother - seems she also liked a little of this and a little of that. I imagine she was quite stylish - in an independent, road less traveled kind of way.


Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

I just nodded all the way through this post. Agreed, agreed, agreed.

Pendleton Primitives said...

Absolutely! I often wonder the same thing but when it comes down to it, I collect and decorate with what makes me and my family happy. I have metal tin signs in the living room of Super Heros....not very prim, but I don't care, they make us happy.

Sisters Treasures said...

I can so relate to your post. I sometimes feel I have a split personality when it comes to decorating or a spin the wheel and see where my mood is at the moment as I light upon a style I like.
You summed it up great... follow your heart.

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