Friday, October 15, 2010

Switching gears!

If you follow my blog, or visit now & again...
you may notice a sort of "consistent discontent" in my ways.
I do like things organized, but I am not contrary to change.

I have been known to just switch it all about...
and love, love, love to rearrange, redisplay, and redo!

So, today brings a bit more of a "holiday to come" template....
and definitely a feeling of switching gears. 

I always feel in my antique business that I need to stay one season ahead. 
So -- I am now wrapping up "autumn" in the barn (to some extent)
and beginning to re-design with a sense of cranberry red, crisp white & shades of blue & green. 
Of course, I will also pay homage to Thanksgiving.

So -- on to the next Barn Sale:  "Does on the Go"!
Saturday (only) - November 20


See you there?


Barb said...

Really can't wait to come back. You have such a cozy set up. See you on the 20th.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Great, Barb -- I am so glad you will be back!

We traveled north today -- had a plan to cut evergreen boughs from our property in Winter....instead, came home with a full car of finds. I am especially fond of the red Coca Cola Cooler (vintage wonderful)...will be charming filled with evergreen. I also brought home almost 25 wire table top two sizes. My mind is spinning with ideas. Dave will travel back north this week with our trailer to gather big items that couldn't fit in our car...and actually gather those evergreen boughs we intended to get today.

Also -- will share a story later about the two rabbits (German candy containers) I got free today. I will keep you wondering for now.

Came home to three escapee kittens running about the barn. They had gotten out of their nesting box. After some fun running, they went back to the safety of their box. Their exhausted mom, Hope, climbed up to one of the big cat napping spots & was snoozing soundly when I came in a bit ago. Such an adventure!


Diane said...

I am looking forward to visiting with you again at your next barn sale. Only that four letter word....S N O W... can keep me away. Hope to bring along my Sister and Mom this time around.
See you then. Oh by the way, I have never heard the "does as goes" expression before.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh true. I think we may have used our "good weather" card for the first sale -- so will have to have a "snow date" for this next sale, just in case.

This will be my first winter in three years of not having to commute a long distance to work -- so I have kind of put snow in the back of my mind. I changed jobs last spring -- prior to that had continued my job in Madison after moving to the farm in Augusta -- a 3ish hour commute (one way) to my office. I had become weather central over those winters -- deciding when it was safe to commute, how long I would stay in Madison, etc.


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