Monday, October 11, 2010

Feet up, time to reflect...

Picture me, sitting in that blue rocker from the "house that time forgot",
feet up & reflecting on such a perfect first annual Autumn Barn Sale.
Picture me, counting my blessings - one by one:
  • The most amazing fall weather!
  • Such wonderful, kindred spirits in all you folks that attended!
  • Great friends in Jani, Sarah & Nan -- helping, helping, helping! 
  • And, of course my family -- Dave on Saturday, Ian & Kara on Sunday!

 Thank you to everyone for making this such a wonderful memory!

Please see next Barn Sale dates to the right.

If you were there, please share your reflections or your favorite find....


Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

My observation is that you have a very evident natural talent for hosting this type of event. The shopping was fabulous, but the aesthetic of your 'marketplace' (and the entire farm), the personalities of you & Dave, and naturally the ability to meet Ralphie - would have made it a worthwhile destination regardless of the treasures I found that now reside in my home.

Barb said...

It was the most perfect weekend for your Barn Sale. I think my good friend has a new favorite place. When we got ready to leave she looked in the eye, said "Thank You" and gave me a great big hug. I had to agree....Thank you! When is the next sale?!?!?

kimmykats said...

Kari, so glad your show went so well. We would have loved to come that way but had a show of our own. I was doing some catching up on blogs and am very sadden to learn you lost one of the babies. Sometimes we can't hold on long to those we love but we remember long their love for us and life.

Jani said...

Mary Poppins would say it was:
"Practically perfect in every way."

Diane said...

Kari- I enjoyed meeting you, Jani and Dave at your barn sale and have already marked my calendar for the next ones. It was an absolutely fab. fall day, perfect for a road trip. You offered a wide selection of items and reasonable prices (always a fav. of mine). Deciding what I wanted the most was the hardest part of my day. I couldn't wait to get home and dig into my box of treasures.The autumn colored mum print found a new home in a vintage style black frame, the industrial light bulb cage is now guarding a candle, the wire store display bin is holding my enamel ware. And my Mom displayed that beautiful orange/rust quilt over the back of a chair. All the time and effort spent to make your barn sale such a special day is greatly appreciated! Diane

Artful Gathering said...

Kari, Your barn sale was awesome! I loved your farm and really enjoyed your yard decorations. It was great to meet you and your friends. I have never felt so welcome at a event like this before. Thanks for putting this event on and count me in on the next barn sale! I'll help spread the word! Dawn
PS. My mini sifter with the green handle is the best!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

So many kind words - still takes me by own Sally Field moment of, "they liked it, they really liked it." Please keep your reflections coming...helps me know what counted as I plan forward.

Anonymous said...

I came out Saturday morning for a short road trip from Rock Falls with my son, we pulled up and my eyes lit up as I saw it was at a sweet and beautiful hobby farm..and even more excited when I saw it was in the loft of a barn. I have recently discovered my dream/vision for my business future as a photographer is to have a hobby farm + my studio in a barn loft.. this was only a few weeks ago , to come here and see this has given me more hope!

I came back on Sunday with my husband and we had such a wonderful time, he loves the Motor Oil sign I bought him for our anniversary, and we are looking forward to coming back very soon.

I also really enjoyed visiting with both you and your husband!

Thanks again for being the highlight of our weekend!

Kelly Whitman

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Notes to you, from me:

Cheryl "from the blog" (like Jenny from the Hood) --- you are so sweet. Loved meeting you & your friend, Candy. You are just so thoughtful. And you noted meeting Ralphie -- those words made me cry. And, Ralphie was SO proud -- heard he stood on his goat bridge a lot!!

Barb -- Glad you found your way here --- and thanks for posting on your blog too!! I love your "sheep line" with llama at the front & back having a "hummy fit" (that made me laugh so)--- you just can't make that stuff up!

Kimmykats -- wish you could have been here too -- hope your show was great. Thanks for your thoughts on Chippewa - means a lot.

Jani -- I am just without words. B.F.F.

Diane -- Your comment was like reading a wonderful story -- then I realized I was part of that adventure. Loved hearing about how your finds are part of your home...that really meant a lot to me. Glad the quilt went home with your mom.

Dawn -- When word traveled over to me at the sale that "Dawn was in the barn" it was like rolling out a red carpet. Special people always get treated special! Dawn Dutton -- thanks for your support right from the start!!

Kelly -- Last November, a kitten arrived at our farm -- very wild, very afraid. She has since given us the gift of two litters of kittens --and she now lets us hold her -- she trusts us so. We named her "Hope". Hold that in your heart -- and dream with your eyes open. It will happen.

Hugs to you all,

MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

It was a great sale! The photos I took are going up Friday morning!


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh Taylor...I can't wait to see what you captured on film. My advance thanks. So, how do you like that crow on a stick? Isn't it great?

P.S. Please pass on to your mom that there was a green pail with a mirror & two little slips that was set off with a separate list. It was there at the end of Saturday...had "Lisa" at the top --I am guessing that perhaps two piles had been started for her and we only checked out the larger one. *I still have those items & can set them aside for another time if she would like me to.

Jill said...

Very happy that your sale was a success!! It all looks lovely!

Sommers Breeze Antiques said...

Your sale was wonderful! The John Denver music was relaxing and the whole decor was done in your usual flair for style!
YES...I keep my treasures aside for me. I was thinking I had more things, but figured I must have been thinking it was things I was pondering. Please set them aside and I will be sure to retrieve them!
I love the wire racks! I must love them, I bought 4!!
Hey, those!! I should have bought more than two bags. the grandkids are loving them! I think I will back something with a few of them. Looking forward to future sales!

Sommers Breeze Antiques said...

opps...not I keep...please keep.

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