Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweet Autumn

This year autumn in my home is orange, green, white & black...
It is little bowls filled with old dominoes & buttons.
It is vintage millinery on a cake pedestal. 

It is old Halloween Invitations (thanks Sarah).
It is newer folk artsy finds.

It is little pumpkins and little boxes.

It is Halloween "tricks" in the urn -- look at their grins.
It is Halloween treats for my Ian -- even if he is 22!
(A basket of orange & green & black & white for my boy.)

Sweet Autumn...


Jani said...

Love the "little altars".
I decorated a while ago since we'll be in in Disney trick or treating with the mouse!
Each year my Halloween decorating gets bigger! It's so fun!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh Jani...that's right! I have heard Disney is fabulous at Halloween!

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

What a thoughtful Halloween basket for Ian! Are you going to get any trick-or-treaters out on the farm? (We get over 100 T-or-T'ers on Halloween in my neighborhood.)

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Wow Cheryl...over 100 at your home! Such fun!

We get a big fat 0 at the farm...too far out for any candy yield. At our prior home in Sun Prairie we would get a lot. We lived across from a home that always put on a theme based Halloween - people would drive to participate.

Anyway -- still fun.

I am on the committee to plan a United Way Spooktacular Fund Raiser at my job -- so will be "Skari" this Friday! My regular work clothes with a twist...


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