Sunday, May 10, 2015


Today I put our home back unlikely plan for
Mother's Day ~ but one I relish all the same.  The dining
room, living room & study are all on my list.  I will touch each
item deciding to keep or store away or maybe sell.  Rooms 
will become nests, and just like the busy bluebirds & wrens & 
sparrows at our farm ~ I will feather them.

Yesterday was a busy day, as we filled a dumpster, cleaning out
the corn crib and barn...pulling out carpeting in the house.  We 
ended the day at the Hixton Antique Mall at midnight ~ unloading
a car full of stuff.  Today I continue.

Dave is working, Ian began my day with a the day is mine.
I feel like a bird in flight ~ on a path to finding just the right nesting
material.  Swooping here and there, readying my nest for summer.

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