Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Early Tuesday morning we said "good bye" to our sweet Shawnee.  He arrived with his brother, McCoy, to our former home in Sun Prairie in 1999.  He traveled to our farm in 2007 and loved this big farmhouse.  He was Ian's boy, and later in life ~ Dave's buddy.  As McCoy was the soul, Shawnee was the heart.  He was a kind, gentle cat....growing to love the little kitten, August Rose, that came to live in our home in the past few years.  He taught her to "flop".  

Last night Dave buried Shawnee in our apple orchard.  He shares a grave with McCoy...who passed on last fall.  I will plant pansies on their grave.

Circles of life.  Each animal on our farm holds a special place in our hearts.  They are our dear hearts.  We know that they will eventually leave us, and we mourn their passing & celebrate their lives.

May their memories be for a blessing.


mary scott said...

So sad for your loss, but so happy for the loving home you gave him for so many happy years. Is August Rose your only inside kitty now?

Primitive Stars said...

My heart hearts for you. Always heartbreaking to loose yet another beloved pet. Rainbow Bridge welcomes a sweet Kitty.Hugs Francine.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Kari I'm sorry to hear you lost another beloved family member. He looked like a sweet kitty and I'm sure he knows he was loved lots. Memories will live forever in our hearts.
Blessing my friend

Prims By The Water said...

So sad to hear of your sweet kittys passing. I still miss the many pets I have lost throughout the years..but memories are forever. Janice

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Oh, Kari. It's the end of the Shawnee & McCoy era. That's so sad. Those cats had quite the fan club.

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