Sunday, May 17, 2015

been busy

We filled a dumpster last weekend~ cleaning out our barn,
corn crib and pulling up carpeting in the house.  Then it was on
to spring cleaning...touching everything in the study, living room,
t.v. room, dining room and today our bedroom.  What I didn't feel I 
need went in a bin for Goodwill or my basket to sell at the Hixton 
Antique Mall.  

The dining room has the biggest change, with a wool area rug brought
down from the study.  The room has one cranberry wallpapered wall...and
highlights the Wattsware pitchers from my mom.

The quilt on the table came home from a recent buying trip to
Minnesota ~ I thought I would tuck it away for next Christmas...
but I rather like the colors now.

I gathered greens & raspberry & brought them all to rest
in this room for summer.  It all feels rather festive!

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