Wednesday, December 31, 2014

hope, please

Like many, I end the year in reflection.
What lessons has 2014 taught me?
What is my take away?
And, as always ~ I turn to this farm in my thoughts.  As I know the intricacies of her 1857 walls, the stories found behind barn doors....with some certainty, I know the answers are not too very far away.

2014 taught me this:
1.  We all see the world through our own lens...for better or worse, this is a fact.
2.  Support can be found in many places, even in the quiet of a purr.
3.  Integrity matters...period, exclamation mark.!
4.  Kindness matters too ~ a lot.
5.  No one is a door mat to injustice.  When it knocks on your door, do not welcome it.
6.  Solace replenishes my very being (as does a good antique mall).

My oldest cat, Shawnee, has lost most of his sight in the past month.  He still finds his way around this big old farmhouse...up & down the stairs, into the best napping spots.  He has also lost his brother of almost 16 years.  I attempt to think of how this must feel for this boy of mine.  I wonder if he truly knows McCoy is gone....or if he travels this house, thinking he just can't see him or find him. I am not certain.  What I am certain about is that he goes on, finding his way to our by his memory.  In many ways, his little kitty life is built on Hope.

The final addition to my list :
7.  Hope, please.

Happy New Year!


prims by olde lady morgan said...

All wonderful reflections! I need to embrace them too! Hugs and wishing you a wonderful 2015!!!! OLM

Primitive Stars said...

Happy New Year wishes to you Kari, All the best in 2015 .blessings Francine.

June said...

I hope the years go on teaching me much more, for I have so much to learn yet. I loved your list! Your kitty has a beautiful place to call home Kari.
I want to wish you a wonderful 2015 my dear!
hugs from here...

Prims By The Water said...

2015 New Year Blessings to you. Janice

mary scott said...

If only every cat (& dogs) in this world had a home like the one yours have, what a wonderful world it would be. Happy new you to you & yours.

mary scott said...

Well, I meant to wish a happy new year to you & yours above! mary

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