Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dala new obsession

I am finding myself drawn to Scandinavian interiors.
In particular, I am a tad in love with many Swedish styles.

So it was not long before I would become madly deeply in
love with Swedish Dala horses.  The antique horses are 
works of art, but beyond my budget.  I recently oodled over
several older horses at an Antique Mall in Stillwater, MN.  But
the multiple hundred dollar price tags prevented any from 

So enter in the more colorful newer Dala Horses...found in orange, 
red, blue, black & white.  After much thought, I settled my 
hunt on white horses, yellowed just a bit by age.  Many are 
tagged by the artist, Nils Olsson.  The vintage horses still fetch
$35 to $85 in this style.  They range in size from itty bitty to large.

Here is my first addition....vintage white, 4 inches tall.  After
examining every horse I have recently found, I ended up 
purchasing my first from a sweet dealer on EBay.  The 
$28 with postage felt just right!  As it arrived just
in time to be a Christmas gift to myself, I call her:
       "Fa la la la la"

How sweet she looks with my holiday decorations.

I am certain I will some day have a small herd ~ it will be fun 
to search them out.  Each will have a story.

A collection is born!

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