Thursday, July 17, 2014

apple box storage

I had this blue metal shelf for sale at my last
October Barn Sale.  It didn't sell, so we took it 
to my booth at the Hixton Antique Mall.  I placed a
fruit box I had for sale on it and realized that this could be 
a fabulous storage shelf in our laundry room.  So I 
"bought" it from myself!

I left it at the mall for a few months with a "sold" on it.....
It added some nice color & display space.  We brought 
it home this past weekend & I gathered up all the fruit 
boxes around the house.  It fit perfectly where I had hoped
it would in our laundry room.  It now holds all our "smalls" 
for the antique mall and our pricing tool box.  We now have
a tidy area to store our items before they travel to be sold.

I love the color of the end labels on the apple & pear boxes...
and they hold a lot!  

This old shelving has the added bonus of folding 
up flat.  Dave & I figure if we ever become flea market
vendors, it will be perfect to sell from too!

Here it is looking quite happy!  The table at
the front is the work table in our laundry room.


Primitive Stars said...

What a great idea Kari, looks so wonderful, country loving, Blessings Francine.

Barb said...

Once again....I love it! I do have on wood fruit crate here that I use for a bookshelf. I also have my dad's heavy wooden boxes that he kept his tools in in an old dusty garage. I wouldn't part with them for the world. They also hold books and knitting supplies with a lamp and pictures of the family perched on top of them. We just had a family reunion last weekend. Many of my family members make quite a bit of money and live in really, really, really fancy houses. Their constant comments were, "We really like how you've decorated your home!". Just about every piece I have is what my dad made in his high school shop class (in the 1920's) or things my mom bought at estate sales. I've had them refinished and they settle into my simple live style quite nicely. Money I don't have but the love for old things stays with me. I can make a house a home with these cherished items. said...

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kimmykats said...

Oh I love that little shelf too! I came home from a shopping trip with a small green wire shelf....just love it.

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