Saturday, June 25, 2011

"shouldn't air your dirty laundry" my last post of June 24th,
I proceeded on my little home tour that I began last winter.
Took some quick snaps of my laundry/utility room -

Then I got to looking and felt,
hmmm -- not liking that room so much at the moment.
Not that you could see the dust --
but it was a tad cluttered, unorganized, dirty...
And - there it was -
I had aired my dirty laundry...
Like a clothesline full of under garments when company arrives.

So, this is my -- took it to heart,
changed around a bit.

I have two full baskets of items from this room that will
be heading out to the hayloft for the Autumn Barn Sale.

Anyway -- guess you might call this post a "do over".


Artful Gathering said...

I love it!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

5 years ago today, we closed on the farm. The tin light fixture in the laundry room was a housewarming gift from Jani & Norm.

If any room was "country" in my house - it would be this one. Here you will find farm momentos and my little "Ode to Cows" shelf lives here too facing the barn.


Barb said...

You make me smile....a "do-over". Actually, I liked the room both ways. At Miss Effie's in Iowa, she just posted a picture of a sign made by a local woman about "airing our dirty laundry". Cute sign.

Your house is magical....I love it. (I just downloaded pictures for another blog entry and couldn't believe how awful my counter looked....oh, well. That's life in the country!). :O)

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Love the blue walls.

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