Friday, June 24, 2011

Wash Day - home tour continues...

Come on in & take a look around our
Laundry Room.
This was indeed one of the last rooms we redid --
up until then, we called it the "icky room"...
'cause it was, well, kind of icky.

In our green & blue & yellow color scheme -
we went off the map in this room --
with a big dose of deeper blue & a punch of red.
Gray calms it just a bit.

Now, I can't imagine this room was ever so rudely titled, "icky"...
I would now call it our "work horse",
likely one of the hardest working rooms in our house.

So, let's get down to business with a little tour---
you enter thru the kitchen.
 A quilt hangs in the doorway if need be to close this room off from view.
Or in my Kari world - to just look sweet.

The former Summer Kitchen -
this room has one of our three home entrances.
This one now goes out to our deck & back yard
(called a "door yard" on a farm)-
and clothesline.
Grill on the deck is conveniently located too.

When our house was built in 1857 -
every room was taxed - even closets...
so - this house has just one real closet - in the upstairs landing.
Since this room is a big contender for home storage --
we had to get creative.

We now hang coats, grouped by season,
on a coat rack salvaged from another home.
Below it stands an Amish bench.

Apple crates & a Chimney Cupboard store our everyday supplies:
cat litter, tools, string, glue...
This beauty was purchased at the Columbus Antique Mall
in Columbus, Wisconsin.

Our Washer & Dryer are angled around a green dresser Dave found
along the curb --- the green table to the right was also a roadside find.
This dresser stores all our gift supplies:
tissue, gift bags, gifts-in-waiting...
The table has a sweet tool caddy that
keeps the ribbon, scissors & gift tags organized.

This fun shelf was purchased in Waterloo, Wisconsin -
have to have fun stuff to look at while folding laundry. -

This freestanding wall hides a sink...which is still on our
"to do" list.  For now, we keep our "grab & go" items here.
There is actually one small broom closet in our laundry room -
big enough for a mop bucket, mop...and of course
a broom on the door.

And here is where my collection awaits a trip to the antique mall -
this old bassinet corals it just right.
See this room works as a waiting station & tagging central
for my antique business too.

So -- what pulls it all together?
 -- a table in the center of course.
Might I add, one hard working table.
You might find this holding folded laundry,
set up for gift wrapping,
filled to the brim (above & below) with antiques.
The tablecloth provides a bit of
"don't look behind that curtain"
hide & seek magic for antique overflow.

And sweet stuff has to live in this room too.

I have come to absolutely adore
this Laundry Room.
Instead of cringing, as I did in 2006 when I first walked into this room
and wondered what we would ever do to fix it up...
it now makes me smile.

P.S. -- if you click on "Home Tour" under the labels
on the right you will find other rooms of
our 1857 home highlighted.

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Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

I must admit...I generally like to primp just a bit before taking a picture & posting it. This laundry room picture "gallery" was un-edited, un-primped. For instance, I should have removed the tablecloth on the table in the middle -- it is a fabulous gray table with ornate legs -- but right now there are indeed boxes of stuff under it -- so the cloth hides them. And, isn't that how it goes in a house. This is really my home, how I live -- not magazine "homes" -- you know, created just for the photo shoot --but not how they are every day. This is every day for me.

Prior said...

love your laundry room...the table in the middle is great, too!

Stephanie said...

As kids - us cousins would dare each other to go out into the washroom at night without the light on and whoever could stay the longest was the bravest! =D I never won! Now - it is so beautiful and homey and inviting! I would take that dare with no issue today! =D

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