Sunday, June 5, 2011

perspective our meadow.

Yet, can you see the thistle or nettle that stand beside them?

Can you detect the ticks in that tall grass
that thwart my morning coffee as
I instead set my cup down to remove them from my Cinnamon?
(who delights in sleeping in the meadow)

There are days I see the thistle & nettle...only.
There are moments that the ticks are the bane of my existence.
And there are, thankfully, hours when the Phlox call out to me - and time stands still.

a gift we get each morning


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

So here's the un-edited version of why this post today. Got up, decided to take my oatmeal on the deck, coverlet in hand to fend off the chill - and out I went. Picture perfect...goats call to me, cats found me. Got my coffee & Cinnamon arrives - resident Tom Cat & world traveler. Up on my I pet him -- discover he has about 10 ticks around his neck -- so, my coffee plan changes to tick removal (you know not too many years ago I could not have done this so easily). Now the goats call "what about us?" seeing all the attention the barn cats are getting on the deck -- so off I go in my robe to the barn to take them out some hay. I duck to go out their goat entrance -- as they all try to go thru with me (just try to picture that) and bang my head -- as I walk out to the pasture I can feel trickling down my face -- seems I am bleeding quite profusely. I attempt to get the hay out without bleeding on it, grab my scalp to apply pressure (refuse to use my robe) and head to the house. By the time I get in, I'm a mess - Dave believes that perhaps a goat (Ralphie with the big horns) has attacked me...nope just a door. At this point I'm thinking -- yucky start to this day -- ticks & blood -- ick. Then I turn to my right and there is the Phlox in the morning light & I decide I do have a say in it all - a choice. I can complain, bemoan & poor me it -- or shrug it off and be thankful for what the day has given me -- cats & goats & morning, again.

Jani said...

It's a chore, every day, to remind myself to see through the ticks and look right to the phlox. It's like roses. You can't have them without the thorns. We need to remember to enjoy what we can and set the rest aside, whenever we are able. Thank goodness for screen porches! :)
Take care of your head! Ouch!

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Ah yes. Like loving my home and having bits of it break off in my hand, little by little. But you paste it all back together and love it some more.

(Note: you may be aware of this already, but a pet's flea comb makes an excellent "tick puller". You can get those closely positioned teeth around the tick's head and pull the whole thing out, head and all, without touching the bugger.)

pat said...

ahhh, Kari,
Yes, I do think we all have days like this..
As for your bluebird/sparrow problem, there is the nicest man who makes traps to get the sparrows out of your bluebird boxs... Here's his website

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh my gosh -- you guys are the bestest in the world -- empathy and suggestions to boot.
Yea for you.

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