Monday, January 31, 2011

Hope in a basket...

Meet Hope.
Yes, that is her in the basket.
She arrived, a stow-away on a farm truck delivering goats,
in November of 2009.
And she stayed.
It was this time last year when she first let me touch her.
And she stayed.
The warmth of a family of goats was her shelter that first winter.
And she stayed.

So, of course, we named her Hope...cause she stayed.
That's what hope does -- thru all else, it is right there, has to be.
Sometimes we just need to find it -- or perhaps it finds us.

Now each morning, I start my day with a good dose of Hope.
And now, also greeting me in the barn are her children:
Whisper, Pumpkin, Marmalade, Cinnamon & Chestnut.

And at the end of the day -- it is to the barn I return to be reminded of
all things good -- with Hope always at the helm.

I will take Hope in a basket, in the pasture,
in the sunrise, in the sunset...
however she is gifted to me.

Where do you find your hope?

An additional note....
Meet Marmalade -- Hope's baby -- born this past September 11th.

P.S. They are hunting the coyote in the fields around my farm...
we see the trucks and the dogs that seek them out. 
They have taken over 70 so far. 
I feel badly, but yet they need to thin that pack.
The coyote will call out the meek & the mild.
Don't mess with my Hope.


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

My mom always said that if she knew she would have three girls (as she did), she would have named us: Faith Hope & Charity.
I would have been Charity.

Instead, we were gifted with pretty cool names for the era we were born:
Randi Jo
Lori Su
Kari An
*Yes, a two letter middle name.

I wonder if my mom might know my Hope. Hmmmm -- angels amongst us.

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Where do you find your hope? That is a good question. And an important one to be able to answer. I need to ponder that on a serious level.

kimmykats said...

How special are the little ones that show up at our door needing care and love. Daily I find hope in their eyes....they love us and give us so many moments of joy and laughter.

Jani said...

That's an easy one for me. My HOPE and my reason for getting up each day, are the voices, the touch, and smiles of my grandkids.

Diane said...

I hope that someday when I glance out my porch door that our beautiful long haired black cat Puma will be sitting there waiting to come in. But alas, no Puma. We fear he has meet the coyotes that are in our area. He went out one evening and never returned. I am so glad that our Daughter was able to spend all Thanksgiving weekend cuddling with him before she went back to school.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh Diane:
I am so sorry for you & your Puma.
I fear a coyote took my Shadow too.
It breaks my heart -- I understand nature, but....not ours.

Barb said...

My hope these days is in the eyes of my "grandkitty" Diddy. He has been very sick and I have been his caretaker. We are both exhausted but I see hope gaining ground....sigh.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Barb...hope comes in unexpected ways, means & places. Your wonderful story on your blog brought me such hope & peace.

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