Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today was the day...
"next" was the cause -- with a lower case "n".

Time to put away the remnants of last year, pack away Christmas --
5 full containers & 2 trees.

So on went my "Pack it up Play list" -- shuffle please:
  • James Taylor -- Hour Glass
  • Zac Brown Band -- You Get What You Give
  • Beth Nielsen Chapman -- Sand & Water
Vacuum up the needles, leave it sparse (for a while), wonder how I ever accumulated (I mean gathered) so much stuff.  Attempt to organize a bit, wash rugs, vacuum some more, un-clog the vacuum, run out of steam.  Listen to my songs for what, the fourth time??  Could it really take so long to put away -- yes, it is indeed dark outside, animals hungry.

Here is my hint of "next":

Pulled the hearts up from the bottom of the bowl ---
still stars and a rabbit or two in the bowl...for later. 

Have you packed up your holiday stuff yet? 
What is your ritual to get it done and move on to "next"?
What's on your "pack it up play list"?


Diane said...

Decided Sunday was the day to pack away the Holiday decor and take down the tree. A tree full of vintage glass ornaments, each one wrapped in bubble wrap before being tucked away in the storage box. Room rearranged, new table-scapes created, a fresh look for winter. Listened to the same music packing it way as I did putting it all out.... Ultra Hip Christmas on one of those satelite music stations. Blues,jazz,R&B,Soul the obscure old songs you won't hear on regular radio played repeatedly throughout the season.

Jani said...

Mom always said "Start the new year fresh and clean. Get the old year packed away before the 1st." It stuck.

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