Saturday, January 8, 2011


I'm home, not feeling well today.
Do a little something, then take a rest.
So, it was with disbelief & such sadness that I turned on the news this afternoon to hear of the shooting in Arizona.  A Congresswoman - a Democrat, shot.  Many dead & hurt.
I tend to not use this blog to promote my politics, my beliefs....but I have to say this because it is time for all of us to say loud & clear (no matter what our own political agenda), "enough".  

To those that believe politics is about anger.  -- Enough.
To those that believe politics is about fear -- Enough.
To those that believe that when there is a difference of opinion, we shout it down or shoot it out --- Enough.

Please take your tea pots & your anger & your selfishness & self focus and go home.

Enough.  This is enough.

We are all part of the solution.  We are all American neighbors, community members, stake holders in a fair and peaceful and just world.   So on behalf of the child that lost her life to this shooting today...enough.

Peace to you...pass it on.
And prayers to all...we need them.


Barb said...

Agree and double agree.

Unknown said...

Thank you.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

My heart is just broken. For each person that stood at that rally to meet their elected official...and now this. For Gabby - there to do her work. For that sweet young girl - born on September 11, 2001 -- newly elected to her Student Council -- gone.

I do thank the Sheriff in Arizona--brave enough to stand before every news channel and say with his 74 years of wisdom, "ENOUGH".

With the strength of all my independence, with the strength of all my maternal wisdom, with the strength of a teacher's eyes --- I will no longer turn a blind eye -- but stand firm and say "ENOUGH".

Today I take my country back. Today I do it for a nine year old who knew what civil gathering & coming together for the common good is supposed to mean.

Today & for the rest of the days it takes, I firmly say "enough".


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