Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sacred Sanctuary

Such quiet power in these words...
Of a place or a time or a thought -- that is just yours.

You choose to share - or not.

You decide to say:

"Enter, please."


"Thus far & no further."

It is yours...and you safeguard it.

Some of my sacred sanctuaries are:
  • 5:00 a.m. when all is quiet
  • a bowl of popcorn at the end of the day
  • my farm any time
  • a vintage down feather comforter

What or Where is your Sacred Sanctuary?

I wanted to also take a moment to share this secret place in Winter, Wisconsin. 
It is ours -- but yet it is not.
It belongs to the trees & the birds & the animals.
You are more likely to find a bear track than a footprint.
It sits unscathed, unchanged & free of human toil.
It is a sacred sanctuary -- of the purest kind.
We mark it with "No Trespassing, No Hunting" to keep people out - to keep it sacred.
We tell the world with no uncertainty, "Thus Far -- But No Further."
And that is O.K.


We need to find that in our life.


Barb said...

Some times it is just standing in the doorway of the hen house looking out upon the animals, listening to their chatter to each other, and taking in the pasture beyond them.

Sommers Breeze Antiques said...

I am marking my 2011 calendar with your barn sale dates!

Jani said...

Thank goodness for people like you who appreciate the natural world for what it already is and not for what "it could be". The floral and the fauna thank you too.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Might I also add the barn - in the evening when all the animals are eating. They welcome me back each day -- and ease my troubles.

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