Sunday, August 2, 2015

the art of gathering

Gathering, picking, is not always for the meek...
it can often consist of a long, hot day at an auction or flea market.  
Take these burlap feed sacks as an example.

Dave & I spent a hot, sunny day at a farm auction...
trying to stay with the cadence of the auctionnaire, 
attempting to follow any shade, and working to keep
our goods safe & sound.  Dave actually bid on the 
feedsacks that were still in the barn.  I came upon him after he 
had won the bid and was trying to stack & sort the huge 
pile in the barn, dust kicking up everywhere-sticking to 
sweat.  But it was a great I jumped in with him!
We both looked like "Pigpen" from the Charlie Brown comic
when we came out for air from the barn with a huge pile
of sacks.

The next step was to get them home, shake & shake & shake
them out...then air them on our clothesline.

Batch two out of likely fifteen lines full!

Once aired, they will be priced at $5.50-$6.50 each and brought
in to my booth at the Hixton Schoolhouse Mall.  They will then
go home with crafty folks that will turn them into bags & chair
upholstery or even curtains.  With the popularity of Farmhouse
Style continuing to gain traction, these have become popular
finds...often just laid over a table to show off the great graphics.
Some sacks will be purchased by other dealers, knowing that
my prices are low and they can sell them even higher...and
I'm good with that.  

So, from a humble barn, through our sweat equity, to you...

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