Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gold Rush

On one weekend each year, two flea markets open their gates on the same days...
both about 20 minutes apart.  And both are called Gold Rush.  I believe the original began
in the small town of Oronoco, MN ~ where, literally, the whole town becomes a flea market!  
The other Gold Rush is at the fair grounds in Rochester, MN.

Each year I travel to O N E day!  This year, Dave & Ian joined me.  
My method to this "marathon of flea markets" is to spend the morning on Friday in Oronoco.
You must get there early enough to get close parking (for trips back to the car with 
vintage finds)....and you must have "fresh legs" due to the hilly walking!  By noon we are done!
Then we grab a re-energizing lunch at a cool sit down restaurant...this year Newt's Burgers.
We cap off the day in Rochester, thankful for the flat terrain of this flea market & the many inside vendors to get out of the sun.

Friday was hot...93 degrees I believe!  I was glad to have thrown a hand towel in my bag...
sunscreen & sweat in the eyes could not get in the way of finding vintage goodies.
We were also ever so thankful for an afternoon breeze!

My keepers:

This framed bookplate of small moths...

And, this picnic carrier...on top of the suitcase & bench to form an end table:

I also found some wonderful items that will make their way to my 
antique booth in Hixton soon...getting ready to introduce small doses 
of Autumn!

We had such a fun day, loved having my Ian with me.  He has now been
to 4 mega-fleas with me...and he even found a few items at Gold Rush
for his place!

Counting the days to my next flea market adventure!

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