Saturday, April 19, 2014

Today I will be happy!

And I will....with a kitty sleeping at my feet,
another tucked under the blanket purring,
the sun shining outside, and a full day ahead~~
with no plans.

Today I will be happy!

Soon I will get up, oatmeal with pecans & raisins...
out to the hayloft with hopes to set up my own little
workshop ~~ a place to clean up vintage finds.

Today I will be happy!

Friday was a day off, Dave & I left early...our first
flea market of the new year in Minnesota.  Home 
with a full car, some to sell, some to keep.

Today I will be happy!


kimmykats said...

My kind of day!! Give those kitties a snuggle for me!

Barb said...

It feels like a "Happy" sort of day. The light outside reminds of my childhood on an Iowa farm for some reason. I have much to do but will do it at a slow pace and enjoy each moment of preparing for my whole family's ( which means 4 people ) arrival tomorrow.

Your day sounds wonderful. Enjoy it to the fullest!

Primitive Stars said...

Sounds perfect my friend, would love a day like that. Happy Easter, Francine.

NanaDiana said...

Love that you are Happy. I choose to be happy day by day, too. God bless you and Happy Easter- xo Diana

Jani said...

I hope you maintained that attitude all day and into the next......
Happiness to ya!

Amber ~ The French Pressed Home said...

Sounds like a perfectly good day to be happy! You're a tease though, no pictures of your bounty? ;)

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