Sunday, May 26, 2013

v a c a t i o n

first full week off in a very long time....
one of those weeks where the agenda is not set,
no meetings to attend, no appointments to keep.

I plan to awake each day and ask, "what shall I do today?"

First day the answer at 4:30 a.m. was get your chores done and head to the Elko Flea Market.  The car is still full to the brim from that wonderful adventure, waiting to be unloaded.
Today, the answer was weed the gardens & hang out.....sitting in the middle of the yard was in order - which is where I am sitting now, where I snapped a few pictures.

I feel the much needed rest arriving...and wonder if I would savor these days as much if this freedom was part of every day. Sometimes "just a bit" allows us to not take these things for granted.

So I sit, birds sing, breeze blows, apple blossoms in the air, lilac scent just around the corner.  The kittens run to me where I sit, then get bored and move on. The goats lift their heads from grazing to stare at their lady-sitting, not hurrying about.

Vacation has arrived, and I welcome the reprieve.



Saturday - Flea Market
Sunday - Begin work on Fall Barn Sale...up in the hayloft fun!
Monday - Rainy Day...movies & naps
Tuesday - Work on my booth at the Hixton Antique Mall
Wednesday - Gardening
Thursday - Antiquing
Friday - Auction
Saturday - Thrift Saling, hang out at farm
Sunday - Relax, book in hand
Monday - My better place to spend it but home!

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