Wednesday, May 29, 2013

and this is why

Tomorrow August travels back to the Vet to see how she is progressing. A broken pelvis means 4-6 weeks of containment in a cat carrier on our porch. If we get the green light, she may move to a larger kennel. She has been such a good kitten, so far taking this little "hospital room" in stride. She eats, bathrooms, sleeps. Breaks for a wee bit of attention, meds and cage cleaning are her day....but mostly sleep.  And she purrs. August and I have become pretty close, I think she is destined to live out her days in our home.

I struggle with spending money on a barn cat, but we can.   No Starbucks daily for me, will pack a lunch-thank you very much.....a welcome meow each morning and night is priceless. She is worth it and so am I!

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