Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wisdom begins with wonder.

My friend, Jani, reminded me of these words from Socrates: 
"Wisdom begins with wonder". 

Here is what I have learned along my journey at Meadowview Farm: 
  • Sparrows like blue bird houses too. 
  • Milk paint was made to last.
  • Goats are like dogs - only with smaller droppings.
  • Woodchucks & Pocket Gophers are the bane of all existence.
  • Cottonwood trees get a bum rap.
  • "Catch & Release" just doesn't work for Japanese Beetles or Crickets.
  • Storms do announce themselves.
  • Farmers are indeed the hardest working people & the best neighbors.
  • It is good to know someone with a bobcat or a tractor.
  • Country music has a heart.
  • Humility is a good character is personal responsibility & kindness.  They make my top 10 list.
  • You can herd cats.

What have you learned along your journey?? 
Do share....

1 comment:

Jani said...

Honesty will never fail you.

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