Saturday, March 2, 2019


                                            Lori Su               Kari An            Randi Jo

I wrote this to my Lori, the middle sister, on the eve of my 60th birthday in June, 2018.  Lori passed away in November, 2018 at the young age of 62:

Even now, as I ready for a milestone birthday, I still feel the youngest of three sisters - the baby.  I always know my Lori & my Randi will be there - my "angels having charge of me".  I always have felt so lucky because I had these girls - then women - to admire and to claim as mine.  "Sisters" - I say that word with pride.  If mom would have known there would be three of us - you would have been "Hope".  Feels only right. You are most certainly my cup half full. So feel my pride, my hope, my charity of faith.

Tomorrow we will send you off my dear sweet sister.  Skyward.
My heart will always hold you. 💙 xxoo
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