Monday, July 4, 2016


Mom lived in the perfect place for July 4th...right across
from Winnequah Park in Monona.  When I was younger,
we could line up our lawn chairs right across the front yard
to watch.  The day would start with baseball games at the 
two diamonds...then Healy Lane & all the Trails would begin
to fill through the afternoon.  The small carnival, craft fair & 
beer tent were like beacons ~~ drawing in the people.  Each
laid claim to their piece of the park with a blanket.  By night
it was like a swarm, and we spent as much time, maybe even
more, enjoying the people watching.  And then with several
booms, the night filled with the lights of freedom, independence,
and pride.  My mom would announce, "I like that one!" or "That
was a good one!"...and we would hoot & applaud in symphony.
I was always befuddled by the number of cars that would leave
during the if beating the crowd out was the grand prize.
For the Wind girls, that was the time when we brought out the sparklers, 
and with reverence & some fear, I would run the yard with spitting
fire in my very hand.  

Happy Birthday America!
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