Wednesday, February 3, 2016

lights will guide you home

Winter in the country is dark.  Quiet & dark.

Night comes early, and I am amazed that all that often
lights the farm are just 4 lights: our security & porch lights 
outside and a kitchen & livingroom light inside.  Acres
and acres and just four lights.

When I used to travel to an office in Madison, I would
return late on Thursday night.  Knowing how much I 
had missed home, Dave would "light" up the farm...
turning on every light ~~ like a beacon.  

I like both: 
Knowing home by heart...just like I do when I 
get up in the middle of the night.  
And knowing home by how it reaches out to me 
across the fields, lighting the night sky like a shooting star.

Lights will guide you home...

To my Ian... "Lights will guide you home".  (Coldplay)
Safe travels my son.

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