Sunday, June 7, 2015


Friday was my first auction of the nearby Brackett.
The auction was at a charming hobby farm, dispersing almost
90 years of an estate.  The skies were blue, the bidders & auction
folks were amicable. I sat under a shade tree enjoying every moment.

Dave & I bid & won quite a few items.  My favorite find is
the Eau Claire County Plat Map.  I liked it for the vintage
graphics and the color.  Little did I know that it showed the
county sectioned by farms....and there was our farm.  We
guess that the map was in an Agriculture Office--and is from
the 1930s-1950s based upon the roads.

This is a keeper and brought many other bidders over to look 
closer.  Not a bad find for $25.00!

It found a home in our upstair's Study.  
I think it was meant to come home with us!

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