Monday, December 16, 2013

pieces of the past...

Years ago, we lived in Sun Prairie next to Mrs. Reed.
She was a most wonderful neighbor...
we even built a special gate in our fenced yard just for her.
She would come over & sit & be "neighborly".

When she passed away in her 90s, 
the family asked what we might like as a memory keepsake.
We requested the blue spatterware bucket she would plant a geranium in, 
set near her gate each year.

We planted in it one more summer in her honor.

Now that bucket resides in my kitchen, filled with memories.

We also picked this one antique ornament, hers, now ours.

What I love most about pieces of the past is that they form a scrapbook.
Some are our own memories, some belong to others.
We cherish & honor them.

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