Saturday, November 16, 2013

my house, my home

As I sat in my study....I looked over to this stack of books, one caught my eye. Nestled down five from the top was the book, Your House, Your Home.  It made me think about my own decorating style...which is never ever based upon resale or rules.  I know some folks think the resale & even the decorating rules way, and good for them - but not me. I think of my house as just for me & my family, not really for others.  It is my home.  So if I love green, then green it is.  If I want to add layers of vintage goodness, then I will. It is my house, but more importantly, it is my home.

A day does not go by that Dave or I do not share how much we love everything about our home - everything.  A day does not go by that something in my home catches my eye and makes me smile.  That, to me, is what makes a house a home.  It reflects who you are.  If anyone walks through my home, they will know what I love, what makes me smile, what is special to me.  

I love that we each have the ability to make our house our home.  It is our individual nest, just ours.

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