Tuesday, December 11, 2012

holiday time

I often change my mind.

I think that Christmas decor should be just natural - pine cones, fresh evergreen, cranberries threaded just so ~ pure & simple. Then I decide it really is about twinkly lights, glittered stars, tarnished silver & gold ~ that sparkle of the first snow. Then whimsy crosses my mind....sweet snowmen marching across a shelf, a flock of deer & bottle brush trees tucked about ~ magic. But then I travel back to traditional green & red, mottled color, a nod to Santa ~ the Christmas of my childhood.

Yes, I change my mind ~ ~ ~ a lot.

So in the end, I go the Kari-way.....a little of this, a little of that, always with vintage as the root.

See, December to me is just about home...and the joy found there. It is a warm quilt, a comforting couch, a warm place to cozy away in over this winter holiday. It is a sentimental nod to the past, a serene glance to the future and always the reassurance that the present is here, right here.

Happy Holidays!

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