Saturday, August 4, 2012


Right now I should be laughing, heading down the highway with my friends at my side....perhaps with Rockford in our GPS, gathering the last of our scavenger hunt pictures to share over supper...I am certain I would already have the "why ever would they make this" item in my picture roll. We would have a Uhaul full of vintage finds & I would have one more overnight ahead in Madison (compliments of the Marriott Hotel, and far too many travel nights from a past job). I would be tired and happy!

But, what started as a grand adventure....turned into a bumpy round-about. See, the trip would begin with a day of antiquing on my own in Eastern Wisconsin. I had packed, made all my away lists and picked up the rental trailer....a wonderful offer from the rental outlet to upgrade the size at no extra cost-and though I did ask if my little Sportage could handle this larger my mind I just thought more room, more stuff.

Up early kind of vacation day ahead...antiques to find, a well planned itinerary ahead. All was fine in the first two hours of my trip, it was the last hour that found me bumping up & down, pulled over to check tires, figured it must have just been the road. Ventured on to the Fox River Antique Mall in Appleton.....bought a tall corner cupboard & table, was going to get some use from this trailer. Left from there to the Memories Mall in Little Chute....and the troubles with the trailer escalated to what felt like a roller coaster ride followed by a rope pulling contest between the car & the trailer....after far too long of this, I made a panicked call to Dave....Uhaul road assistance would be called, I needed to get off Highway 41 to await them. Dang it all, if I was going to wait, it would be at another Antique Mall just down the highway in Oshkosh.....I traveled through Friday traffic crawling....or shall I say bumping along, folks honked with support (waved their fingers too). I won't even attempt to paint a picture of me getting over a lane then off the highway and around a round about during traffic mixed with 70,000 eager fans heading up state to the first Packer scrimmage....WAS NOT pretty!

The day ended with me sitting in a semi repair shop at 7:00 p.m. while the trailer & car were looked at....picture a little red SUV & trailer and me surrounded by semi trailers and their drivers. Honestly, if I could have unhitched the trailer and left it behind...would have, but it was now holding a 7 foot corner cupboard.

The trailer doctors determined that there were multiple factors leading to the bouncy ride, but it would be safe to travel it slowly homeward....arriving home at 11:30 last night. Today the trailer was "decommissioned"....heading to the Uhaul retirement pastures.

What began as an excitingly full weekend - including a day with my "barn cat" friends....ended up as discouragingly disappointing. Seriously, the good times don't always roll & life happens. In the scheme of Perspective, was the scheme of a weekend I had anticipated, was just too bad.


prims by olde lady morgan said...

Oh NO Kari!!! Well that is no fun at all...sigh... espically when there are treasures to be found!!!!

I went to the Kane County Flea market today...too dang hot...fewer ventors... then storms came in...glad I was at home... Rockford you say was in oyur sights... only 50 minutes from me then! HEHE! OLM
So I might need a few new waterign holes to vinture too on our bags trip around the Lacrosse area... helP? emaail me... OLM

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Kari, oh no, that totaly sucks!!!really to bad. Always looking forward to a trip with friends but something always seems to hasppen to. Blessings Francine.

red.neck chic said...

I am soooooo sorry!!! BUT!!! I am super glad that you are home safe and sound!!!!!

I have a sportage... they always laugh at me when I go to pick up a trailer. LOL

I really am sorry your week-end ended early with a truck stop and a slow drive home... but again, I am glad you are safe.

With a corner cupboard. :)


Barb said...

I hope your kitties gave you lots of love and understanding when you got home. Hugs!!!

Jani said...

We'll get there another day! More anticipation.

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